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Parotid Surgeries With Facial Nerve Prevention

The facial nerve – which controls the full scope of facial expression and movement – passes directly through the parotid gland. This delicate structure enables verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as the ability to speak, close ones eyes and breathe properly. Given its critical functions and close location with the parotid gland, the preservation of the facial nerve is one of the most important aspects of a successful parotid surgery. As such, the parotid tumor needs to be removed very carefully by a team of surgeons with a high level of expertise and experience.

During each parotid surgery performed at Jain ENT Hospital,  expert parotid surgeon, Dr. Satish Jain, leading expert in facial nerve disease, repair and preservation. His knowledge of the facial nerve is unrivaled and truly provides patients with the best care possible & the best possible surgical outcome because it ensures the safety of the facial nerve, thus preserving the patient’s facial function.

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