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Acoustic Neuroma Surgeries

Surgery for an Acoustic Neuroma is performed under general anesthesia which involves removing the tumor through the inner ear or the other way through a window in the skull.

The aim of this surgery is to remove as much as of the tumor as possible while preserving the important nerves, especially the nerves controlling movement of the face.

Improvements in imaging technologies & skull-base surgical techniques have made surgery for acoustic neuroma as safer & more effective than ever before.

Jain ENT Hospital’s acoustic neuroma surgery specialist Dr. Satish Jain use information gathered when diagnosing the tumor to build a treatment plan customized to your unique needs. We take into account a variety of factors when coming up with the surgery plan, that includes:

  • the size of the tumor
  • the location of the tumor
  • whether the tumor is affecting important structures nearby
  • how severe your symptoms are
  • your age
  • the condition of your general health