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Glomus Surgeries

Glomus tumors are a rare, slow-growing, and usually benign type of skull base tumor that often develop near the inner ear. Without treatment, they can harm surrounding tissue, damage nerves, and cause other serious problems. Jain ENT Hospital’s skull base tumor experts collaborate to diagnose your tumor and offer a range of the most effective and advanced therapies available. Our goal is to treat the tumor while minimizing any injury to the surrounding structures.

One of the most common symptoms of glomus tumor is hearing your heartbeat in your ears, which doctors call pulsatile tinnitus. Other symptoms include hearing loss, voice changes, and problems with swallowing.

Glomus tumor can secrete chemicals called catecholamines that may increase your blood pressure and heart rate. This can cause a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headache, and sweating. 

Treatment for this can be possible with Jain ENT Hospital’s Glomus Surgeries. Which can be help for the betterment of the patient. All the Glomus Surgeries are done under the supervision of Dr. Satish Jain, who is the expert and specialist of ENT.