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Adenoids Removal Surgery In Jaipur

Adenoids are glands located above the roof of the mouth, behind the nose. They look like small lumps of tissue, and serve an important purpose in young children. Adenoids are part of the immune system and help protect the body from viruses and bacteria. Adenoids begin to shrink around age 5 to 7 in children, and can be almost completely gone by the teenage years. An adenoidectomy (Adenoid Removal) is a surgery to remove the adenoids because they become swollen or enlarged because of an infection or allergies that might have been caused.

The surgeon places a small tool into your child’s mouth to keep it open. The surgeon removes the adenoid glands using a spoon-shaped tool (curette). Or, another tool that helps cut away soft tissue is used. 

Recovery from this takes about 2 weeks of time. If only the adenoids are removed, the recovery most often takes only a few days. A person will have pain or discomfort that will get better slowly. Tongue, mouth, throat, or jaw may be sore after the surgery takes place.