23-24, Satya Vihar Colony,
Pankaj Singhavi Marg, Nr. Vidhan Sabha,

Lal Kothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan (IN)

  9.00 AM - 9.00 PM  Sunday & Wednesday by Appointment only



Jain ENT Hospital is beautifully designed state of the art Jain ENT Hospital is an exclusive ENT Hospital only one of its kind in Northern India. Jain ENT Hospital has always been in the forefront of introducing latest techniques and equipments in the revolutionized field of ENT. In this process we have introduced many systems for improvisations in surgical techniques.

Navigation systems all endoscopic surgeries are done with specialized Navigation system from Medtronic first of its kind in northern India & only two installations in India till date.

Stroboscope – first of its kind in Northern India.

Luminous Co2 laser-all surgeries of ENT are carried out by using luminous Co2 laser.

This hospital has revolutionized ear surgery in Northern India by introducing the latest technique of Interlay Tympanoplasty for ear drum perforations apart from routine surgeries, difficult operations like Angiofibromas, Stapedectomies, Carotid body tumors, skull base surgeries have also been performed over here. Also Jain ENT Hospital has being the first to introduce Cochlear Implant in Rajasthan.

(1) The hospital is already staffed with qualified Doctors all ENT consultants presently totaling 17 in number & 3 Resident Doctors,3 Anaestheaist,1 Pathologist, 1 Bio-chemist, Qualified Para-medical & ancillary staff is present 24 hrs. a day. Hospital has a X-Ray unit & a fully equipped lab & having facilities of ECG, Biochemical & pathological investigations.

Hospital has got a Neurotology section, first of its kind in private sector of Rajasthan. This section comprises of conducting tests like audiometry & special tests like impedance, BERA, OAE, PTA, FFT, Tympanometry, and ENG etc.

(2) OT is fully equipped with Defibrillators, pulse oximeters, non invasive BP monitors, ventilators, Boyle`s anaesthesia machine with hypoxic guard, laryngeal mask airway, fastrack incubating LMA, Jet ventilation system, Nerve stimulator, flexible fiber optic advanced-bronchoscopes. Theatre is having first of its kind in Northern India, Sensura Microscope along with four other Carl-Zeiss operating microscopes (Germany) as well as central suction.O2 and N2O gas supplies.